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Life Energy is the innate healing power within all of us and the aspiration of Life Energy Photography is to try to actuate the viewer’s Life Energy. One can’t activate it because it is the viewer’s Life Energy. One can’t give it to him/her, one can’t switch it on in that sense. One can’t implant it in him/her. All one can do is help the viewer turn the switch – to actuate it himself. It is as if all the electricity is flowing in the wires but then somebody has to flick the switch to cause the electricity to work. Nobody can flick anyone else’s switch – we all have to do it ourselves. But Life Energy Photography can encourage us, the viewer, to want to do that. 

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Quote by John Diamond, MD

Photography can be a very wonderful healing force. Action meditation is an important part of my photography and is different than the usual Eastern passive meditation as it involves outward action while keeping the stillness within. Thus photography, when carried out as an action meditation, results in photographs possessing high Life Energy and, as a result, has the ability to raise the Life Energy of oneself and others.

My approach to photography in this therapeutic way is what I call Life Energy Photography. It is my deepest aspiration that Life Energy photographs will raise the healing power within those that view them.

John Diamond, MD

Our prints are all hand-printed

All Life Energy Photographs are hand-printed. It requires very special printing equipment and a highly experienced printing artist to ensure that the Life Energy that the photographer captured is kept throughout the printing process. Very special papers and inks, and printers and programs are being used.

So far we have not found a way to ensure that the Life Energy component is kept with downloadable prints. For this reason we do not offer downloads, as unfortunately the Life Energy is lost through this process.


Photography – the Art of Relationship

Why do I love photographing? The spontaneous direct Relating. ———— Relate: Latin re, back and latus, brought. Photography is the art of relating: giving back to the subject what you feel you are given. I gave to the rose what I Feel from the rose. I frame it “Just-So” for our Feelings to be obvious.